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Sharing lanes

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I shared a lane for my swim with someone who tried to use a few excuses for getting out of the workout…but I asked him to complete the workout anyway.

I shared a lane with someone who wanted to cut the workout short, but I asked him to give me 6 more laps.

I shared a lane with someone who wasn’t really sure this workout was a good idea, but I asked him to trust me anyway.


Because this was the person who:

1) used reverse psychology on me when I tried to cash in an excuse...which ended up in making me not only want to NOT use the excuse but beg to go do whatever it was that I was trying to get out of doing.

2) reminded me that cutting corners in anything would only lead me to cheating myself but outworking those around me would always lead me to the most valuable podium victories.

3) Disproved doctors who told him that walking and running were not a good idea for me...and told me to trust that my legs would always lead me towards whatever finish line I set my eyes on.

So as I shared on IG,

"Sometimes we get to lead, sometimes we get to follow.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to listen, sometimes we get the chance to speak.

Sometimes we are the athlete, sometimes we are the coach."

I'm thankful for the opportunity to remind my dad of some of the thousands of things he has taught me on my journey. I'm thankful for the time to share a lane.

Who in your life has marked your journey as an athlete,

a professional, or simply a human?

Have you told them how much they mean to you lately?

What's keeping you from reminding them?

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