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26 weeks 6 days to Go

So where am I on the journey?

Life has tried intently to keep me off my training plan, but what life didn't take into account is how stubborn I am. Despite the setbacks in the past few weeks...I've continued to chip away at my training--getting more and more consistent as time goes by.

On a special note: Yesterday I raced with Brett at the 305 Triathlon.

SWIM: Swam 500meters trying to stay on Maricarmen's feet. That was an experience in itself.

BIKE: Shadowed Ceci as she pulled Brett for the Bike portion of the race.

RUN: Pushed Brett on the run and was very proud of my 7:58 average for the 3 miles

As I was running that last part of the 3 mile run, I was thinking of how exhausted I was from pushing the carrier through all the turns of this course. If anyone has ever run with this trailer, you would know how hard it is to turn this thing. My arm were dead, but I told myself... YOU ARE TRAINING TO BE AN IRON(WO) can do this.

At the end of the race, I bumped into a running friend who has seen my running career evolve since I was about 7-8 years old. After talking a few minutes we came to the consensus that we will take "race day HARD" over real-life HARD any day!!

Areas I am focusing on:

Sleep: Really focusing on sleep. A few weeks ago my mom had a health scare that landed us in the hospital for a few days. Those days were filled with lots of worrying, little sleep, and lots' of questions. After that a series of personal issues have risen that have led to continued lack of restful sleep, but I am intent on turning that around. As of last week, I have started to average about 7 1/2 hours of sleep...which is a lot considering the previous 2-3 weeks were between 4-6 hours of sleep.

Training: As of right now, I am averaging 3 swims, 2 Rides, and 2 Runs per week--for about 6 hours of week of training. I know that will increase this summer but for now, that is what I have been able to squeeze in.

Nutrition: I've been trying to make better choices...but man it's hard sometimes. Weight seems to want to stay on, despite the increase in activity. What can I say, I guess it likes hanging out with me. I need to be more intentional about what I eat

Emotional status: Coming back up from a deep nose dive I took for a few weeks. A personal goal is to continue to detach from things that don't serve me and drain my energy--as it is a precious commodity that I need to use wisely.

Overall Health: Doing well. Thankful that my body is responding to the training. I feel tired but I feel like I am getting stronger--so I am motivated to keep going.

Are you training for anything? How do you track your progress?

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