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That escalated quickly...

One minute you are minding your own business and the next you are entertaining ideas that for years you've pushed off because it wasn't the RIGHT TIME. Well guess seems like it will never been the "RIGHT TIME" or there will never just be "ENOUGH" of it so I took the plunge. As Elliot Mason said yesterday... "JUMP and the net will appear to catch you!"

I sure hope so because there are 227 days to go until I line up at Ironman Conzumel.

A journey of 140.6 miles officially started with one click on my computer today.

May the journey ahead be filled with challenges I can overcome, lessons that will help me grow, experiences that will strengthen me, will power to keep me focused and on track. May my body respond to the training well, may the pieces fall into place, may the forces that be conspire to make the journey that much sweeter so as the final destination is worth all the sweat, pain, and tears that await me over the next few months.

I will attempt to log the journey here as I go. #IMconzumel2022 will be my first Full Ironman after completing 5 half Ironmans in 7 years with the most recent one being Miami Man this past November (2021).

Race distances are as follows:

2.4mile (3.8km) swim

112mile (180km) bike

26.2mile (42.2km) run

Course Maps are found here:

The race day goal will be determined as I get closer to the race, but for now, the MAIN goal...and most important is to TRAIN SMART, TRAIN FOCUSED, and TRAIN CONSISTENTLY.

32 weeks 3 days to prepare for a nice beach swim, followed by the 112 mile ride plus the true challenge--the marathon...

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