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It is a classic maxim to say: we fail because of the little things we do or don’t do along the way. We all wake up some days wanting to do something, accomplish a goal or perhaps scratch something off our life ‘to-do’ list. More often than we would like to admit, nothing happens, the list gets longer and goals get wrapped up in excuses. It isn’t always because of a major setback, often it is simply due to the compilation of all the little things that didn’t get done or the little choices that didn’t get made along the way.

How we do things makes the difference in the end result we seek. Routines, schedules, training logs and road maps don’t confine us, they actually keep us from self-sabotage. No one ever became a 15 minute 5k Runner, a 3:45 half Ironman or a 4 minute miler out of the blue. We become successful in any facet of our lives over time from the little choices we make every day.

Here are some common mistakes that keep us from succeeding:

  • We are waiting for the right time. We think that life will get easier. It doesn’t! We think we will have more time later. We won’t! We think that when life slows down we will be able to fit the things we want into our schedule. This is not the case. We have to decide that it is the right time to adventure, explore, start new hobbies, improve our times and health levels.

  • We don’t want to take risks. Living is about taking risks. Risks that push our limits. Maybe we don’t push those limits for fear that we may reach those limits before our end result is attained That is okay! News Flash, everyone is too busy with their own lives to notice how close or far you have come to attaining your own goal.

  • We don’t listen. We hear sounds all day, but we have a listening problem. We don’t listen to our hearts, our instincts or our bodies. We need to quiet ourselves enough to hear what each of those is telling us.

  • We blame. Instead of taking ownership of our faults, we blame the environment, the shoes, the race course, our schedule and our families. Let us be honest. We need to start the New Year owning our end results. That will be the only way we can begin the journey to change.

  • We don’t make the hard changes. Making the same choices over and over again, expecting different results is the definition of madness. We cannot drop our time in the next half marathon if we keep training at the same pace and continue with our inconsistent workout regimen. We cannot lose the weight we want if we keep eating the same amounts of the foods we know are harming us.

Let us leave the grand plans and lofty goals to make changes in our lives aside for a second. Life is in the little things, and success, even more so. Let us stop waiting for that utopian mentality or the perfect time, it is never going to arrive. Harness the present and make it what we need it to be. Instead of setting our sights on a new PR, maybe we can focus on improving our form. Instead of focusing on passing a certain runner during the next workout, we can focus on optimizing our stride length. Do not complain about a race result, we could listen to our body’s need to rest and instead of getting consumed in the things we didn’t accomplish, we could focus on the little things we want to get better at doing.

We are not alone on this journey! Surround yourself with people who are making little choices every day, those are the people who will do big things. Allow yourself to feed off their energy. If you cannot find those people be that person. Start that movement in your own circle.

Always remember that how we do things makes all the difference and we fail because of the little things we do or don’t do along the way.

Happy Sweating

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